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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Glasses=Not Hetero?

According to this girl, if you wear glasses and apply to the following conditions, you may not be straight:
A Hip-Hop Girl (Female, Los Angeles, Who Cares?) asked:

If a 17 year old senior in high school, had these characteristics would you think he was gay?:

- he talks in a high pitched voice
- he loves clothes and fashion(works at JC Penny)
- claims he is not gay
- he eats alot
- doesn't play any type of sports
- thin, tall
- has mostly female friends maybe 4 or 5 guy friends
- doesn't flip his wrist or talk with a slur or lisp, but is very touchy feely with women
- wears glasses
- short hair cut, almost bald
- doesn't wear jewelry; only a necklace that some family member he is really close to gave him
- claims he is not a virgin and has been sexually involved with 2 women

Would you call him a homosexual, a by-sexual or a transexual?

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