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Monday, October 23, 2006

Irish Binge Drinking

The Irish are one of the worst binge drinkers in the world. I can see bad Irish jokes now. Thank God I'm not Irish.


Liz Hurley postpones wedding

She's looking awfully chunky and her wedding is postponed until she reaches a deal with Ok! And obviously, she wants this to be a grand affair.

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Keith Urban's Uncle wants to wring his neck. ????

As country singer Keith Urban undergoes rehab treatment, with his wife paying daily visits, the fallen idol's uncle Brian Urban said he was shocked that he had taken to the bottle again.

Speaking from his home in Helensville, New Zealand, Mr Brian Urban – brother of the singer’s father Bob – said: "I’d like to get hold of him. I would scrag him (wring his neck)."

Mr Urban said he was not confident that another stay in a rehabilitation centre would help the singer, who has battled alcohol and cocaine addictions in the past and has admitted drinking again.

"Going into rehab like this is not the answer," said Mr Urban."He's done it before, hasn't he? And it didn't fix him. Why should it work the second time?" (Source)

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Halet Jo Osment Pleads No Contest

So what is this former child star's sentence after a DUI and marijuana possession charges?:

-three years probation

-60 hours in an alcohol rehabilitation and education program

-26+ Alcoholics Anonymous meetings over a six-month period.

-$1,500 in fines. (Source)

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Kate is engaged!

It's official. Kate Moss is engaged to The Libertines' ex-frontman and druggie, Pete Do[ug]herty. It is also reported that she is PREGNANT! This would be baby #2 for Kate and Kate/Pete's first.

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Going Japanese

No comment but I threw up a little in my mouth. This is Janet at a news conference in Tokyo.
Click here to see what The New Yorker has to say about her new album, 20 Y.O. Other sources don't have very positive things to say about her new album. Sales were so bad, the J. Dupri has quit his division at Virgin Records.

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Video of the Day: Countdown

Hey..its a slow news day.

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Eww...Screech's Sex Tape

Apparently, Screech has gotten himself two women. Both of them in their twenties. My question is, how does he do that? C'mon now! He looks like this:

Would you date him?

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Not Fair...

How come Jojo gets to get into the 21+ Hyde when I can't even get in? (Source)

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Trying to be Worldy

Current News:
Madonna is going to go on Oprah
Dad pulls gun on son's coach
Queen Guitarist writes an astronomy book
China's Yellow River turns Red. Shame on China...
Someone called Hillary Clinton ugly
Campaigning on clevage, those damned hicks

Its a slow news day people..

[Not new, but not old] Fashion Highlights:

Backstage@Costello Tagliapietra Spring 2007 Ready to Wear
(Lisa Cant)

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