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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Green Conspiracy

TMZ has an interesting expose on the so-called go-green celebrities. Note to everyone: Do what you preach. Here's an example from TMZ:

Julia Roberts
On the ground: Roberts drives a Prius, which gets (at best) 60 miles to the gallon, shaving 30 miles off a normal car's m.p.g.
In the air: Chicago/LA, 1,749 miles in a private jet, the route she took with Rupert Everett while shooting "My Best Friend's Wedding."
Gas guzzled: 2,100 gallons of jet fuel.
Prius Penance: Julia would have to drive 30,000 miles, or roughly once around the earth and then some to even out her consumption in the air.

Hmm...I wonder what John Stuart Mills would say.

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